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Each day, Impotence is widening its limits which are counterbalanced by one of the most effective ED-treatment, Viagra, of Pfizer pharmaceuticals. This medication is trusted by thousands of physicians worldwide as a first line all in one treatment for impotence in men. No other medication of its time has made its market through the modern medication as has Viagra, still sold by millions.

The drug belongs to PDE5 inhibitors that raise the concentration of cGMP, an effective smooth muscle relaxant for penile blood vessels. Under its action, sexual stimulation could result an elongated erection of four hours uninterrupted. Not to mention the fact that the mechanism it I adapted to is solely dependant on sexual stimulation without which the medicine is of little or no use.

Usually, the medication is supposed to be administered orally half an hour before sexual interaction. Avail able dosages are 25, 50 and 100 milligrams of blue colored film-coated tablet of diamond shape.

Do not take the medication more than once per 24 hours. Do not take nitrate containing drugs or erythromycin. Avoid using beta blockers and protease inhibitors. Possible side effects of the drug include flushing, indigestion, runny nose, stuffy nose, hearing disorders and bluish vision. Consult you physicians before taking Viagra of you had kidney, heart or liver or even an occurrence of stroke complication in your past.

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